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Cathy Ann Rogers has a penchant for creating literary characters who imitate reality through their skewed sense of justice as well as their bittersweet victories.

Cathy attributes the shaping of her writer’s prowess to her solitary upbringing as an only child. Armed with a library card from her neighborhood branch in Cincinnati, she spent her childhood absorbed in suspenseful scenes depicted within the fiction of Christie and Conan-Doyle. She built a mental library of potential plots while eavesdropping on the conversations of adults who discussed everything from Hollywood to History. The result of these blended influences is her fascination with plot twists and multi-generational storytelling in novels.

Following the dictates of her left-brain, Cathy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration both in accounting, and established a tax and bookkeeping service that celebrates 25 years this year. However, she maintained her right-brain passion for storytelling and puzzle solving. She sees a correlation between assembling financial records to accumulating clues needed to solve a mystery. Both require the organization of information for a final solution.

After refining her craft through a series of published short stories, Cathy celebrated the publication of her first novel in 2014. “Here Lies Buried” a multi-generational saga of bandits and betrayal, family and feuds, treasure and tales, unfolded within the pages of a diary. She followed up with the Sick In Shadows, Deliberate Fools, and Heavy Mascara, a short story collection.

Cathy weaves her tales from her Arizona desert townhome in the company of her Bichon Frises, Whitney and Samantha.

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