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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Tate Marsdon, MD, a successful Scottsdale plastic surgeon, shows up for dinner at the home of close friends Henry and Imogen Vine to find his host stabbed to death and his hostess in a state of psychosis.

Arrested and jailed, Imogen undergoes treatment for traumatic memory loss, but her attorney, Erin Fitzgerald, Tate’s current romantic interest, starts to question her client’s guilt. Erin and Imogen’s closest friends work to uncover the truth behind the cold-blooded killing. But hiding deep within the shadows is someone determined to stop them—even if it means another death—this one closer to home than anyone imagines.

When Tate finds himself targeted as a prime suspect, he, too, is drawn into the investigation. Between his spirited girlfriend, Erin, and his eccentric female patients, he discovers the brutal death of his friend is only one in a series of murders…

…And the killer is not done yet.

Treachery, Trickery, Death


Elizabeth Kearn thinks her biggest problem is having a run of bad luck with men. That is, until someone paints her garage door with the word, WHORE, and leaves her unconscious with a deep gash in her head.


Then two exes come back into her life, neither particularly welcome. A recent ex, Walt, asks for her help when he’s suspected of doing away with his current girlfriend Patti. Edgar, now married, comes into town on a mission to reignite their decade-old romance, and not happy to find he has to compete with Walt for her attention. When Patti turns up alive, everyone involved is relieved, especially Edgar. But that relief does not last long when someone is murdered.


Elizabeth is drawn into a web of treachery, duplicity, and revenge when she starts uncovering secrets, and finds her own life in danger from an anonymous stalker intent on seeing her dead.


With so much drama, what's a little thing like murder?

Deception, Destruction, and Devastation


In this collection of dark tales, women rely on luck and fate as they rush into predictable collisions with reality.


Behind every face, these flawed yet authentic characters are driven by their own sense of skewed logic: a man fends off accusations by the woman he loves, a lonely woman is in pursuit of the perfect stranger, a naïve woman believes she has found her dream man, a desperate woman escapes from a risky relationship, a convalescing woman finds terror when her car breaks down, a woman becomes a stalker's target.  


From young women to elderly matrons, from the savvy sophisticates to the socially inept, the women in these stories depict life's defining moments where one calculated move cements the unalterable fate of another and the inescapable consequences of karma and conscience

History! Mystery! Murder!

PILAR SAGASTA steps into a world of cunning deception when she travels to Arizona to connect with her late grandfather's sister, Virginia. Eager for details of their Mexican history before the family fled the political turbulence in 1916, Pilar realizes quickly that she made a mistake. Far from the loving relatives she envisioned, she finds a group of odious characters who doubt her motives and want nothing more than to drive her away.


When Virginia dies suddenly, Pilar takes that as her cue to leave. But when she agrees to investigate after another relative is murdered, she discovers her family has a dubious past enmeshed in unsolved Arizona robberies, foreign politics, missing loot, and murder.


Secrets buried deep in the past reach to the present generation and obscure motives in a family where no one is who they seem and everyone has a secret to hide.

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