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Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year, we reflect on our achievements, our disappointments, and how we are attaining our self-imposed goals or living up to society’s expectations. It’s also a time of remembrance and gratitude for our family and friends, and for material blessings such as a safe home, a healthy body, and a pantry full of food.

But we also acknowledge not everyone is so fortunate, either by birth or circumstance. Even if we cannot contribute financially, we know there are other ways to show support to those in pain or in need. Sometimes what we need to do is provide emotional support to someone who is suffering a loss or just a show of kindness to a neighbor who went out of his or her way to deliver an errant package to us.

Then there are others we may never know who are victims of war or victims of crimes. Even those who have no religious leanings pray for those people, whether they live on the other side of the world or on the other side of town.

The best part of the beginning of the holiday season is we become more acutely aware of our blessings. Our focus turns to what we can do to help others and how we can show our gratitude in what can seem an ungrateful world.

This Thanksgiving is the opportunity for me to be thankful for an abundance of blessings, my good health, my creativity, and a cozy home that envelopes me like a cocoon. And for the many of you who have inspired me and encouraged me along my path, I thank you.

Cathy Ann Rogers

PS: While you’re waiting for my launch date of book two in the Elizabeth Kearns novels, catch up with a free copy of Deliberate Fools.


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